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Nikon XQD 64GB Card MC-XQ64G Review

Nikon 440MB/s XQD 64GB Memory Card


Nikon new XQD cards offer up to 440MB/s read and 400 MB/s write speeds. The cards are available in 64 and 120GB capacities. The 64GB capacity version of the Nikon XQD card (MC-XQ64G) with UPC 4955478180524 is tested in this review. The card is made in Japan.

Although the card is branded Nikon, it appears very similar to the Sony G Series card in capacity, performance and packaging. The product packaging is similar to the Sony card; even the font engraved on the back of the card is the same. The protective card case and internal plastic packing tray are also the same as Sony's latest G Series XQD card.

Nikon XQD 64GB Memory Card Back

Nikon XQD 64GB Memory Card Package FrontNikon XQD 64GB Memory Card Package Back


Read and write speeds were evaluated in various USB 3.0 card readers. In the Sony XQD USB Adapter it benchmarked at 354.0 MB/s read and 221.8 MB/s write using ATTO disk benchmark. Results using CrystalDiskMark are coming, but in the same reader reached 344.2 MB/s sequential read and 219.5 MB/s sequential write.

The new Nikon branded XQD card has been tested in the Nikon Z7. Additional tests will be performed with more cameras. Results for in-camera performance will be shown below as tests are performed.

Nikon XQD 64GB
Tested in Camera
Write Speed
Nikon Z7244.7
Nikon Z6239.1

Cameras tested with this card: Nikon Z7, Nikon Z6

Nikon XQD cards are currently only available for sale in Japan.